Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fashion resistance & Hop-crawling

I'd like to show you a video of Charlotte just being straight up adorable, because she's like that for most of the day, but her new form of crawling - since she hasn't figured out the proper way to crawl - is so funny that I had to show you that first.

Also, and this really frightens me coming from an 8 month old, she has started to display very intense "I do it!" signals in the last two days.  The ripping off of the headband in the video is a little bit of it, but mostly it's the fact that she's decided that YOU will NOT give her her pacifier.  She will swipe your hand away every single time, grab it HERSELF and put it in.  Lord help us.

1 comment:

feather nester said...

She's inchworming! Sweet, beautiful girl...I do love her so!

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