Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A little musical background for you: I really like music but I've never connected to it in the same way that I connect to visual art. The sight of the Greek Islands or the paintings at the Van Gough Museum in Amsterdam can make my heart stop, but music has usually never reached that level of euphoria for me. Luckily, I've always been surrounded by people who love music and keep me in good listening. Because of this slightly disconnected relationship I had a hysterical experience on the ride home today.

My friend S. from work offered to make me a CD of workout music so that I could be one step closer to joining the gym. As I left work to go pick up B. I excitedly tossed my new CD into the car player and started listening. So I'm listening and bopping along... Pink...good! Justin... good! A little old school Britney...good! Then I come across a song I don't recognize right away, but eventually it sounds familiar. It's some Snoop song that I've only heard sporadically on the radio. And therein lies the rub.

Radio hip hop and real hip hop... not even remotely the same thing. And I thought I had a good understanding of this, I really did. But apparently I should have given more weight to the degree of dirty that the "D. O. Double G" is able to achieve. After all, this is the same man who showed up to the MTV Movie Awards a few years ago with two women on leashes. Leashes!

So anyway, I'm listening to the song and all of the sudden... "Wait... What?!?? You want to do WHAT... to my WHAT!!!!!?" Eyes wide, mouth agape, staring at the CD player! "My WHAT is hanging WHERE!!??" SNOOP!!!!

I know, I'm sure you're hysterically laughing right now! Go ahead, I don't blame you. As soon as I could get my mouth to close, I started laughing quite hard as well. Silly little white girl driving her silver Altima, you're even more clueless about music than you ever knew!


Marilyn said...

I just got a chance to read your blog, but this was just on O, about the disrespect that is shown to the black women and how black leaders both men and women want to take there male counter parts to task for stuff that is being sung about. Very good discussion I listened to. More than I have space to write, one of those good discussions to get into, as to what we are teaching our kids is acceptable behavier. love mom

die Frau said...

When I worked in the Buffalo public schools I had to listen to the hip-hop/rap station so when my students began to sing the incredibly demeaning and dirty lyrics, I could say, "You can't sing that in this classroom!" They were very impressed that I even knew of the songs; I earned a lot of "cred" that way. Marilyn's right--so much of it is disrespectful to various groups.

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