About Me

I'm Sarah Berry and I'm working very hard to make this the most non-linear blog on the internet.  So far, I'm succeeding admirably. I love food, design, creativity, humor, thinking big, and my family, so most of my incessant rambling will fall into one of those categories.

I'm currently a stay at home mom with one husband, one daughter (Fierce), one son (Zen baby), and two cats.

The daughter is 3 going on 16, the son endures my over-cuddling with dignity, and the husband is a frequent source of unintentional humor. He's incredibly soulful, a phenomenal cook, and wildly bad with directions.

Here's a more insightful post I wrote once if you're greedy.

And here's an example of how video screen shots can betray you:

 Behold, my arresting beauty

Thank you, Skype, now I don't have to punch you in the face.

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