Life List

… in no particular order, and not yet finished…

1. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
2. Own a beautiful stucco house with wrought iron decorations
3. Wear a tutu dress to a fabulous event
4. Have another 2 week vacation as good and luxurious as our honeymoon
5. Play with a baby tiger
6. Have my life legacy be helping millions of people
7. Participate in another dance performance
8. Have a strong and healthy body - as strong as an athlete
9. Go back to Santorini
10. Revisit the Van Gogh museum
11. Raise 3 2 happy and relaxed children and help them find their purpose
12. Make and decorate sugar cookies - give away
13. Own a lake camp where everyone will visit
14. Become conversational in another language
15. Make 3 donations over $10k to separate organizations
16. Celebrate Charlotte's 1st day of Kindergarten
17. Start Tiny Berry Designs
18. Visit Belize or Costa Rica
19. Partner with Giovanina for a creative venture
20. Read the creative books consistently recommended that I've been meaning to: Everyday Miracles, War of Art, Think and Grow Rich, Purple Cow, Personal Finance book (rich couple), etc
21. Take a pottery class
22. Be seen as a style icon
23. Become well known because of a talent
24. Learn about investing enough to make basic decisions on my own
25. Own a bike again - to be used!
26. Eliminate boredom from my life (reference to quote Barbara Winter posted on FB)
27. Start cooking meals outside of my comfort zone - Asian, French, vegan, etc.
28. Have high tea
29. Eat at one of the "Top 50 restaurants in the world"
30. Take a family road trip where we spend 2 months going cross-country
31. Take a family road trip where we spend 2 months going cross-Europe
32. Get paid to decorate a cake or plan a party
33. Visit Denmark
34. Be (positively) surprised by something that completely changes our life
35. Attend Alt Summit / Sundance
36. Ropes Course  
37. Habitat for Humanity
38. Winter Adventure Trip - dog sledding, luge, winter horseback riding

39. Go to a drive-in movie
40. Try caviar
41. Host a wine and cheese party
42. Learn to indoor rock climb
43. Build something
44. Be on the board of a non-profit
45. Learn tennis
46. Participate in a public storytelling campaign 
(This American Life, The Moth, etc.)
47. Take a Segway tour - Portland, OR 
48. Stand up for myself or my child in a situation where I wouldn't have before
49. 1st run of a great Broadway musical - top tier actors
50. Lay down under the sea forms on the Dale Chihuly bridge 
51. Have a birthday party featured on a party website
52. Romantic trip to Europe with Bryan
53. Visit Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard
54. Learn to tie a man's tie for him
55. Learn how to make the perfect martini
56. Drive a jet ski and have fun doing it

* My post about Thoughts on the List was featured on Mighty Girl!
* My original post on Life List

* Thanks Mighty Girl for creating and promoting such a great idea!

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