Friday, February 1, 2008


The ice storm entered Central New York this morning around 6am. I had locked Miles out of our room because he was being a huge pest when I awoke to the weirdest noise. It wasn't his usual door scratching, which had already gone on for quite some time, but an odd pinging. Once I woke up I finally realized that it was all the ice hitting the windows. So now we're on the couch, waiting for the roads to be passable before venturing in to work.

The next few days here in New York will be "Super!" "Super" as in Superbowl on Sunday and Super Tuesday on... Tuesday. I was reading the news this morning and found this wonderful article entitled "Giants are Good Enough to Pull off a Huge Upset" Beautiful!! It was nice to read something that even mentions the Giants name or reminds everyone that they gave the Pats a big run for their money when they faced each other just a few short weeks ago. It's annoying to have the whole game be perceived as a forgone conclusion before it even starts.

And Super Tuesday! I can barely sleep! OK, I can sleep fine, but it's still hugely exciting. I have to say that I was extremely shocked at Edwards early departure from the race. It seems a shame to have it only be a 2 person primary this early in the game. Edwards was never going to win, but he had such good ideas that he was really moving the discussion forward. Did you see Barack and Hillary last night? I caught clips of the debate this morning and they were being amusingly over-the-top in their civility towards each other.

Have a good weekend and remember to root for the underdog Giants!


Les said...

Giants be damned! HA!

feather nester said...

I've been mourning Edwards. He was my fav. Over-the-top civil is better than no civil at all.

Hope you're not frozen.

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