Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I'm here! I'm here! I feel like I've been MIA. I still really want to write about the Superbowl and how unbelievable it was, but I just can't find the time. I will tell you that at the same time on Sunday night, I'm pretty sure B, his dad, my brother, and my mom all burst into tears at the exact same time. I didn't cry, but I did jump up higher than I ever have in my life and do a lot of screaming. It's the only time I've ever really lamented not having Tivo because I would do anything to watch those last two minutes again. And even if you don't love NY Giants football the way we do, you could appreciate that every play during that time was just a pure miracle. We had basically resigned ourselves to a loss at that point and then BOOM!!! I'll at least give you "the play" where Eli Manning somehow escaped an entire team trying to tackle him, only to have David Tyree catch the football on his head. Be sure to watch the slow motion. Click Here.

And Super Tuesday! Did you vote?! B and I thought our polling place opened early like in the general election, so we were driving in a very confused fashion around a local church parking lot yesterday morning. Then when we went after work, I almost voted for the wrong person!! It's so exciting and our booths in this county are SO old and antiquated that I just voted for the first democrat I saw until I started reading other things in the booth and went "Oh my god! That's not my candidate!!"

OK, that's the basic catch-up. Need to get ready for work!

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