Monday, June 2, 2008

What else... wedding stuff

A little lunchtime blogging for your cubicle-reading pleasure. We went to Albany this weekend for my second bridal shower, final dress fitting, and all around family visiting. The weekend absolutely flew, but it was wonderful. As was to be expected, those Italian women pulled out all the stops and gave me a great shower filled with lots of very yummy food... amazing food!

I normally don't do full names on here, just for general security purposes, but since you'll be seeing all of these people in three weeks, I'll begin the introductions...

All the ladies from B's mom's side: Robin (Uncle Tom's girlfriend), B's sister Megan, me, B's cousin Heather, and the three look-alike sisters... Aunt Diane, B's mom Carol, and Aunt Lynne.

This is the watermelon basket that Megan carved with the wedding date on the front.
 Creative gal that Meggy!

Just some of the food... did I mention it was amazing? They were all Pampered Chef recipes.

Later that night we sat outside and listened to the rain while eating food from the grill and having a few drinks. Again, I have to say that being outside with food and friends/family is just the best activity there is!

Damn cute siblings! This bodes well for our future children... look how attractive those genes are.

Megan and her hubby Matt. Matt convinced B and I to forgo our 9pm bedtime, down some Red Bulls and act like normal 30 year olds :) I'm so glad he did because we had a blast.



Megan said...

A. I love the last picture of you and Bryan. So cute!

B. I look horribly drunk in the second to last picture and I only had a couple of drinks. After the bachelorette party pictures and now this one people are going to think I have a drinking problem.

die Frau said...

Megan, I don't think you have a drinking problem. You look very nice and sistery and you obviously have piles of artistic talent, as I have seen.

Cute pictures, yes! And wasn't that storm amazing? We got to Ellenville (nearish to Albany) and it immediately started pouring and hailing. Crazy!

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