Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things I've learned while jobless

A few weeks in to life as a housewife, I've learned a few things...

1) It's amazing how many dirty dishes and dirty laundry one childless couple has the ability to produce.

2) It's equally amazing how happy it makes B to come home to a fully prepared meal. He was so happy yesterday, he stopped at the store to buy me candy as a reward :)

3) I'm still woefully behind in returning emails.

4) I really don't know how I ever survived before without my daily nap. (Then again, I have quite a few memories of spacing out at my various desks over the years due to fatigue)

5) I had NO idea how much crap we were carting around with us, but I think we're up to box 15 for the garage sale and these are not small boxes.

Also, there is not a lot of love for the new blog design I'm told. I can't come up with something I really like and blogger has terrible editing options, so we'll hang out with this design for a while. Sorry.


feather nester said...

No? I like the new design. Who are these naysayers?!? Do they have any idea how tough blog design is?

I mean, clearly. Have you seen my header? In case it's not painfully obvious, I gave up halfway through a rehaul. I need to just pay someone.

Mr. Scarlet's sister: How much would you charge me?

GreenLight said...

It's not design; it's content, baby!

Question: I ALMOST never nap, so I'm intrigued. How long do you nap?

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