Monday, August 11, 2008

Livin' the domesticated dream

B and I had a little day of domestic bliss on Saturday. Seriously, it was adorable. Enough to make you choke a little. We started off at Lowes to look at grills and front-loaders. The grill is a wedding present and the front-loaders will be a necessity once we move, so we wanted to check them out now.

Since there are a whole multitude of both grills and laundry options, we figured that we should start the research now so that we can be ready to go once we get to Tennessee. The grills were actually pretty easy because there were only about three that were in our price range, but the front loaders were another story. SO many options and each had more buttons and functions than my Blackberry. I just stood there going "Really? Is this honestly necessary? Do I need to set the LEVEL of stain, as well as the level of spin, and the temperature of the water, and the color of the clothes, and how I'm feeling that day, and whether it's raining or not, and what I'm having for dinner before I can push start? Really??" I frequently think technology advances just for the sake of advancing and not because it is in any way genuinely helpful and this really felt like one of those times. It was a start anyway...

After that, as you saw, we went to the driving range. It was actually awesome, the range is up high and the views and the weather were amazing. I pulled up my little camping chair and my book and was good to go. I can't ride in the cart while B golfs (not allowed), so this was a nice compromise.

Then we hit up Wegmans for some yummy treats for our outdoor movie - the art museum in town shows movies on the side of the museum a few times every summer. "Yummy treats" for us always means the exact same thing for occasions like this: fresh olives from the olive bar, a baguette, white wine, and smoked Gouda.

We went to the outdoor movie last year
to see Flash Gordon, but this time they were showing a movie we actually wanted to see (A Night at the Museum), so that was nice. We pretty much just moved in. We had blankets for sitting and blankets to cover up with, chairs for sitting and pillows for laying on, two different games to play while we waited, books to read, food to eat, two types of alcohol, and the aforementioned food. Of course, there was also the obligatory Red Bull that I drank on the drive to the movie so that I could stay awake. We all know about my inability to stay up past 9pm without Red Bull.

So, the movie was awesome and the day was wonderful. But more importantly, it made me remember that one day it will be a rare treat to have an entire day alone without anyone to answer to or take care of, it's just not possible to do when your kids are little. And while we both want kids, I know that there will be many things that I will miss and days like this are one of them. Because of that I deeply cherish these moments when they happen.

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Strongmama said...

We have a front loader and I love it. We got it before all the super fancy ones came out, so it doesn't steam or play movies. I love the timer because I can set stuff to finish right when we wake up so it's not sitting in the washer too long. I suggest you shop around a bunch and even check out they often have great deals on quality furniture and appliances and your savings could be more than the cost of a membership.

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