Monday, August 18, 2008

Starting the Week off Right

Have you heard about Matt yet? Matt traveled all around the globe doing his one and only dance move with thousands of people in 42 countries. This video is unabashedly uplifting and so beautiful and fun. I've watched it countless times already. It makes the world feel so much smaller and unified, which is something that we rarely get to experience.

The music is also stunning and sets the tone perfectly. Be sure to watch for all of the dangerous places he goes, the fun places, the kids, the bad dancers, the good dancers, dancing while weightless, dancing while under water, etc. It's low key for the first minute, but after that it kicks into high gear. To learn more about Matt, including how this trip was funded, click here.

Happy Monday!!!

*If you'd prefer to watch the video with higher quality, you can watch it on You Tube and click "watch in high quality" under the video.

*Video found via Oh Happy Day


die Frau said...

I'm floored. Partially that someone actually filmed a white guy dancing like a white guy, but more seriously, that he got to visit so many different places and just get strangers to dance with him.

Certain things are universal. I love that. Thanks for giving me a giant smile!

feather nester said...

Very, very cool. I love it, thanks! I especially liked the segment in India when he started doing their dance. Best thing I've seen all morning.

feather nester said...

By the way, here's a spoof of it: published by Loralee's Looney Tunes.

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