Friday, September 5, 2008

Garage Sale Mania

I was thinking last night about what to write today. At first I thought I would write about my back and the pity party I was throwing for myself yesterday because of how terribly frustrated I've been with the fact that I've been doing everything right and yet still I've been a pain-filled mess for two days. But that's not really fun for anyone to read. And then I thought - for all of 2 seconds - about writing about the political circus that's transpired this week, but I can't control my outrage at the lies long enough to write a coherent post. Luckily Heather Armstrong of Dooce did it for me - read what she has to say here. It perfectly illustrates how I feel.

Instead I'll just dazzle you with the heaping load of crap that we're selling this weekend! I spent all day yesterday pricing things, all the while having severe pricing anxiety since I've never thrown or attended a garage sale. "Two dollars or three dollars??!!! I don't think three dollars is too much, but what if everyone comes and thinks I'm some dumb shit yuppie who's kidding herself into thinking she can get three dollars for that thing!! What do I do!?" That's pretty much how the day went.

May I also say that this isn't everything. There is a desk, bike, and coat rack that are out of the shot and some extra boxes that are under the table. Additionally, some of those boxes are FULL. Like the Dollar Box, which alone could fill three tables. But again with the anxiety... after I was half a day into the Dollar Box idea, I started to panic that half of the stuff in there should maybe be priced at .50. I have memories of Feather Nester telling me years ago about what crazy people these Garage Salers are - about how if they think something should be .50 and you are dumb enough to price it at $1, they will automatically indict you as a money-hungry novice and walk away.

But we're selling water and soda, and we have a free candy jar, so maybe all the bonus items will butter them up. Also, I'm pretty sure we have one of the more organized garage sales since my super crazy organizational side kicked it and most things are neatly labeled within an inch of their lives. "Brand New! Women's Size 7 1/2" "Worn Once!" "Napkin Holder" It's all very professional.

Before we can get there though, there's a lot to be done today - pick up tables, buy food, get cash, buy signs, price all the clothes, etc. Thank god B has the day off! I'll mobile post some pictures tomorrow from the festivities. Also coming tomorrow - the full update on the move. We find out today if the position got approved with the budget committee, what the offer is, if they'll pay for relocation, and when we have to be there.


The new banner and layout isn't totally done, B's sister and I are still tweaking some things. Depending on her schedule, it should be done soon.


feather nester said...

Banner looks awesome.

Call my mom re: pricing. Seriously. She's the master. She'll tell you if your overpricing.

Also, negotiate with people. If something's marked a dollar and someone asks you if you'll take 50 cents for it, do it! You're ultimate goal is to get rid of this stuff, right? And I don't know if you're doing this for one day or two, but if it's just Sat., then after a certain time (10:00?) make everything half price. Just put a big sign out that says "EVERYTHING 1/2 OFF!" Or do that on Sun if you're going two days.

And open early. People will be there at 6am whether you're open or not, so you might as well be open.

And take down your signs when it's over! I HATE seeing signs still up after the fact. But do use lots of signs. People will give up if they can't find you easily. And you will draw a LOT of people who didn't see your ad in Craig's List, but just saw the sign driving by.

Okay, I think that's all my advice. Call my mom.

Strongmama said...

I'm not sure if you can do this or not, but people are generally less likely to bargain if you are giving some or all of the proceeds to charity.

When we had our garage sale, we priced stuff and by the end we just wanted to get rid of it, so we basically took any price that we could get. Be prepared for the crazy garage salers to be at your driveway before you're even ready for them! They really get out early.

Good luck!

billy said...

When we had my mom's garage sale, we had people outside the house at 5:45...No joke. Be prepared! Perhaps I'll swing by for fun and taunt you folks! As I'm going to the gym tomorrow if it kills me. I've been dealing with this cold thing...Oh Well, have fun! :)

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