Thursday, December 4, 2008

See Ya!

I think we're finally ready. The mail has been held, the cat-sitter has been hired, the landlord has been notified, the bags are packed, I remembered the presents, the house is (relatively) clean, the thermostat is turned down, and we're ready to go!

We're flying out to Portland to have an early Christmas with my family. When you have three families to spend the holidays with, you end up stretching Christmas out to the whole month of December. Flexibility is required with modern families these days! And luckily, all three members of my family are within driving distance of each other this year, which never happens.

So we're off to see Portland, OR and Olympia, WA for a week! We haven't been out there in over a year so it'll be nice to visit the beautiful pacific northwest again.

I'll still post the daily cookies while I'm gone, but probably nothing else. Many thanks to The Food Network for coordinating their cookie week with our vacation week - that was incredibly helpful.

See ya!

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