Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello 2009

So it's a new year and I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. It's been a pretty crazy six weeks of the holiday season with lots of traveling and chaos. I looked around the house this morning and it's evident that we've been out of our routine for quite some time. There's cleaning to be done, presents to put away, presents to send (yes, still), and lots of organizing projects that fell by the wayside months ago. I'm not big on resolutions and January 1st never feels any different to me than December 31st, but if you're going to start a new year, you might as well start it by getting rid of the chaos.

It should be a good, but crazy, year around here. But really, pretty much every year since B and I got together could have that same description. I look in awe at couples that have calm, settled lives as that's never really been our fate. In March we get a brand new niece or nephew (!!), whenever B gets a job, we'll be moving to Albany for three years so he can get his MBA, we'd like to take a cheapy vacation to Florida, we'll have our first wedding anniversary, and as promised on my birthday, I still have to take some baby steps to get my business going again. So there you have it - not so much resolutions as just some big plans.

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