Monday, April 13, 2009

24 Weeks

Yesterday we did double duty with an Easter picture and a 24 week picture. We had a lovely Easter with my mom's family, where I'm sure they regretted having us down once I arrived and promptly ate pretty much all of the appetizers. The following sentence was actually said: "oh, don't worry, I bought two of those containers of cheese, so go ahead and keep eating." That would be because I had single-handedly finished the first one and then started to feel guilty as I realized there wasn't any left.

Saying that, it'll come as no surprise that I gained 8 pounds this past month - both in my belly and my ass. Everyone except B had a little growth spurt. Although, even B swears he gained weight on our Florida trip and restarted his workout regimen immediately upon returning to NY.

I'm happy to say that I'm still in the second trimester honeymoon and all is going well. I've gotten used to the belly a little bit more and don't feel quite as huge as I was feeling. Also, the back has been getting weaker, but is still holding up great. I do my physical therapy 2-3 times a week, carry my brace everywhere just in case, and make sure I'm never walking around for any extended length of time.

I'm also happy to say - despite yesterday's little incident - that my appetite has settled into a more normal range. I don't feel like eating everything in sight anymore, so that's nice. I've also drastically cut down on the sugars I've been eating. I've tested high for glucose 2 months in a row now and they're doing the first glucose tolerance test in a few weeks to start testing for gestational diabetes. So just in case, we've both started the lower sugar diet now just to err on the side of caution. It's ironic too because normally I have low blood sugar thanks to my hypoglycemia, so I had always assumed I would never face that problem.

Other than that there's not too much to report on Baby Girl. We have settled on a name that we love, but we're keeping it a secret until she's actually here. We're also really curious as to what she looks like (I'm betting black hair, not red, since we don't know if B has any red hair in his family tree), and are getting impatient at her arrival. It doesn't help that we have 2 adorable newborns in our life now to remind us of what's to come!


Ouiser said...


You're not going to tell the name?? Wooooooo. I am making mean faces at you. I am giving you the stink eye. I am not happy about this. I want to know!!!!

I can barely deal with this blow.

Strongmama said...

I'm glad you're not sharing. I think it's more fun that way. Plus, if I accidentally steal your name when my girl is born, you can't be mad at me. Don't worry. I'm sure it won't happen. Should we trade initials just to be on the safe side?

On a complete aside, my secret code word for logging in to post my comment is porkin. Who thinks of these things?

feather nester said...

I'm so glad you're doing so well. Everything sounds awesome. Am happy that you're happy. :) You look great.

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