Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best Earth Day EVER!!

B got a job yesterday!!!!!

He'll be employed with a division of the state, working on new energy research. A very green job, which is exactly what he was hoping for. Working in the public sector pays less, but it means no more 60 hour work weeks, no more week long business trips all over the country, and really crazy things... like a retirement plan!

Our specific move date depends on housing, but it will be roughly a month from now. Now we know what city we'll be delivering in, we'll have time to set up our house and the nursery before baby girl arrives, we're moving in spring, so we don't have to contend with crappy weather, and we even got relocation expenses, so we don't have to move our stuff!! No one will be lifting any boxes of any kind. The only role we'll have in the boxes is pointing which room they should be put in.

So, I'm happy to say that the fog that had settled over our household over the past 9 months has officially started to lift. Now B has one month to study for the GMATs, take the GMATs, and complete his grad school application - no pressure though!


Just Another Idealist said...

Awe. Some. Guess it just took you deciding you were "done" with the being in limbo. See how quickly the universe got on board ;-)

billy said...

Mozel Tov! You'll both be missed!

billy said...

PS- Um do you think he could mention PRI and our desire to be involved with the State and climate change research especially with new energies. No joke. Tell him to keep his ears open for us. I can give you a free membership, and vip passes to the gala...LOL...I'm so not kidding.

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