Monday, May 18, 2009

29 Weeks

Haven't done a bump update in a while, so I thought I'd start our week off there. I entered my third trimester last week, so we're in the home stretch now. Of course, I'm still lucky enough to not be uncomfortable and swollen yet, so maybe it's not really the home stretch.

There's not too much to report actually. My back has started to ache on a daily basis now, so my brace is permanently attached to my hips, but the pain is very tolerable, so I'm grateful for that. My big hope was that we'd be able to get to Albany and get a little unpacked and a little prepared before the debilitating pain kicked in, so it looks like I'll get my wish.

Our little peanut takes after her very fidgety father and rarely stops moving. Most nights we sit on the couch watching my stomach do bizarre alien rolls and screaming at the sight of it. We're seven months in and still can't digest the fact that there's a little person in there.

This past weekend we got to see yet another little one that entered our lives 6 weeks ago - the very first Tar Beach Band baby (B's former band). He's totally precious and yet another example of a freakishly well behaved baby (much like our nephew). B was joking that our friends are screwing us over by having all of these little Stepford babies and we're going to be the poor suckers that end up with the cranky, high maintenance baby. But she and I have long talks during the day about being calm and happy, so maybe we'll get lucky also. Here's hoping!

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