Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost 33 Weeks

Here is the latest big belly pic. I'm told that I've gotten bigger just in the last few weeks and it definitely feels that way as the general uncomfortable/awkward factor is steadily increasing (although I've had two people tell me that I still don't look pregnant from the back, so that's encouraging).

I have a serious case of what I've been calling HLS - Heavy Limb Syndrome. It started last weekend as we were on one of our THREE trips to Lowes and I felt like I couldn't move very easily. I sounded like a crazy person as I was trying to explain to B "I don't know, I just feel like my limbs are SO HEAVY. Like, it's making me tired to lift my arm right now and lifting my legs to walk is killing me. It's very weird, I can't explain it. It's like I spent all day yesterday working out." One quick Google search later and I learned that while it's not really called HLS, it is a real symptom and about half of pregnant women get it. They mentioned something about extra blood, but I wasn't really paying attention since they said there's nothing you can do about it.

I'm also starting to notice, as the belly gets more and more prominent and the belly button refuses to be ignored, that the looks from strangers have been steadily increasing. When you're in the second trimester and your bump is adorable and cute and you feel great and you're not waddling yet, everyone looks at you with dewy eyes and a lovingly tilted head. "Ah, a young sweet pregnant lady with her husband - isn't that adorable? What a wonderful time. Sigh..."

The looks change quite a lot when you're this far along. The adults mostly look at you as though they really hope you don't pop or go into labor, thus forcing them to get involved, and the people of college age (both women and men) look at you as though they don't want to stand too close lest they actually CATCH the pregnancy. Lots of sideways glances and suspicious looks.

If I had the courage, and MAN I have never wanted something more, I could have had a BRILLIANT comedic moment last weekend in Macy's. B and I were going to the mall to get a pregnancy sling to support the huge belly and take the pressure off my back (here's a similar one - mine is like the one in the top left picture). We parked the car by Macy's and entered into a firestorm of teens and mothers swirling and whirling around the various makeup counters. Every girl had very impressively solid and fancy hair and they were all taking turns getting their makeup done. We quickly discerned that it was prom night or senior ball, or some other equivalent. So in I waddle into the sea of beautifully coiffed teen girls and more than anything in the world I wanted to grab my belly, put on a wicked grin, and scream out "BE CAREFUL TONIGHT GIRLS!! Hahahahaha...." Argh!! Would have been genius. But while I'm often accused of being too blunt, I'm not quite ballsy enough to pull that off. Not without some alcohol anyway.

So all in all I feel a lot better than I thought I would at this point, and I'm grateful. We also have our last ultrasound in two weeks so I'll have some Baby Girl pictures for you then.

Other than that, there's not much to report. There's a lot to do in the nursery before it's ready. Currently it's just an extra room that needs painting and is holding a lot of boxes and no furniture. We're hoping to make some progress on that front this weekend though. Some day, when there's paint on the walls, curtains on the windows, and assembled furniture, I'll post some pictures. I can't guarantee you that it'll be before the baby is actually here though. We'll see...


feather nester said...

You know, I've heard lots of pregnant women say they've experienced that feeling like everyone around them looked at them like they were a contagious freak, and i just never got that. I mean, I'm sure I did get those looks, but I was probably just completely oblivious. Then again, I was barely able to walk or drive at this point, so maybe my isolation had more to do with it. :)

Anyway, I'm so glad that you've had such a good pregnancy so far. The TN contingent is thinking of you daily and hoping this lucky streak keeps up. You look gorgeous, Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Honey - You seem to be doing really good growing my new granddaughter there. I would have loved to see the reaction if you HAD made that comment in Macy's. You look good too, but that is a father's opinion.


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