Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Autism Article

Ran across this article today on The Huffington Post:

Cracking the Autism Riddle: Toxic Chemicals, A Serious Suspect in the Autism Outbreak

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feather nester said...

Just one more reason to love Obama...

Obviously, as a speech pathologist I've had a fair bit of education on autism and am relatively familiar with the research, as well as what we do and do not actually know. I believe there's a previous post on your blog somewhere, where I went a little off the deep end in my comment about why the vaccine theory is so asinine and dangerous.

While researchers don't pretend to know much of anything for sure about autism yet, the theory discussed in this article by Dr. Karp is generally considered among most respected professionals as being the most likely for many reasons. I'm sooooo glad to see some accurate information finally being disseminated to the general public. While the theory is a lot more complicated (and interesting) than he likely had space to go into here, it's a good start, and I hope it gets some attention.

Thanks for sharing it.

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