Monday, September 21, 2009

We're gettin the band back together!

Two weekends ago the First Annual Tar Beach Golf Tournament occurred and it was a rousing success! Friends and family drove and flew in for the event and it was an amazing weekend of dinners, golf, babies, great conversation, a little alcohol, and a lot of laughter.

Almost 4 years ago (New Year's Eve 2005) Tar Beach Band played their last public show and the crazy, difficult, magical era of a group of engineers and math nerds who quit their full-time jobs to pursue music ended. And because it was that courageous decision to tour around the country that I met my husband and we took our first step towards the incredible life we share today, I always feel especially nostalgic about Tar Beach and the time they spent together.

As a testament to their incredible friendships, all of the members and band wives remain good friends to this day. The vintage t-shirts are gone, as is the long hair, but they have been replaced by equally hip items like Nike moisture-wicking golf shirts, 401ks, and children.

B, his best friend, a club member, & my brother

Once they were singin and playin for the ladies, now they're holdin the babies!

Group shot of the weekend's participants

Mom & brother

1 comment:

Ouiser said...

you've got to love those Nike golf shirts. they are apparently the only shirts currently in production that properly fit my husband.

oh, and i love seeing z in flats!! ha. i've only ever seen her in major heels. oh, i miss you both.

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