Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Musical Brilliance

Charlotte LOVES songs. Usually I just make stuff up as we're going about our business, but sometimes when we're in the car and she's upset I resort to actual children's songs. Well... attempt to resort to actual children's songs. Have you tried to do that since you were actually a child? Turns out that shit is hard to remember when you have a crying baby on your hands.

"Oh hey! What's that spider song! Uh....

Da na na na na SPIDER!
Ba bump ba WATER SPOUT!
Out came the rain and somethin somethin OUT!
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
And the Itsy Bitsy Spider did somethin somethin AGAIN!"


Ouiser said...

s knows this one. i could send her to you for a tutorial. she also knows the kookaburra song and you are my sunshine. and some alligator song that she mostly refuses to sing, so i don't know it. if you need her, let me know.

feather nester said...

And you made FUN OF ME for looking up the words to "Hush Little Baby"!!! When will you learn not to doubt me, grasshopper? This shit is IMPORTANT and HARD TO REMEMBER!

Although, for the record, mine is also fond of the Beatles, some Mama Cass, and now, newly, some Queen, so I'm sure Bryan can find something more adult that you can work with.

Strongmama said...

The great thing about babies is that they don't know the words yet! I make stuff up all the time. And I sing about the most random stuff, like sponges and brooms, for example. Isn't it funny what makes them happy? Lately, all J has to do is say, "Pizza!" in a high, squeaky voice,and S will stop crying and will laugh. Awesome stuff.

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