Thursday, January 28, 2010

Leather, anyone?

This past weekend, while my dad was still in town, the four of us headed over to the motorcycle show. Not really our style, but our friends from Ithaca had a hand in putting the show together and got us free tickets. And really, how can you pass up something so totally random?? Plus, I got to see a woman in her 50s wearing nothing but a red leotard and chaps while selling motorcycle gear. Bonus.

This perfectly illustrates B's comment upon leaving: "I'm pretty sure we were the only people there in L.L. Bean."

Always good advice.
And for the record, there is also a series of shirts and bumper stickers for the ladies that say "If it has testicles or tires, it's gonna give you trouble." The cyclists are all about equality.

Let me just walk you through this picture so you can get the full comedic effect... We have my pale, cherub-cheeked daughter, all dressed in pink and hearts. And we have my plaid-loving, mustache-donning, Columbia-wearing, architect of a father standing amongst racks and racks of leather.

Yuppies and hippies represent!


Ouiser said...

the thought of you all rockin' the motorcycle show has made my day. it's probably the equivalent of the ouisers heading to a gun LL Bean.

love it.

die Frau said...

Remind me to take pictures next time we go to the women's roller derby. Seriously, we're going in two weeks.

I love all those pictures and want to know if you got any little bibs with those monikers on them for your lil' darling. Or a tiny pair of leather chaps?

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