Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life as we know it

It's cold and snowy here in NY's capital, but life is plugging along wonderfully in the Scarlet household. B is finishing up his winter-term class and goes back to his regular schedule of two classes a week as of next Wednesday. It's been a really nice break to only have one class, and an online one at that, after a busy first semester of grad school (and new fatherhood).

We have a very exciting list of visits coming up in the next month. In just a few days my dad and his wife arrive from Washington to see Charlotte for the first time since she was 3 weeks old. Snuggles Abound!!! We have absolutely nothing planned so that the Grampa/Charlotte cuddle time can be completely maximized.

A week after they leave, Ouiser arrives! I am SO excited for her visit. It's gonna be super hard not to start the drinking at 9am on Friday. Not to imply that Ouiser is a big ol' drunk, but girl time and cold weather just immediately make me reach for shared bottles of wine. And having a dear friend visit exactly a week after my wine-making father visits is SUPER good timing!

Then a week after Ouiser departs we're headed to Rochester to visit Z's family. It happens to be Valentine's Day weekend, but with a 9 month old and a 5 month old, no one had any illusions that huge romantic plans would be interrupted by a visit.

Other than all of our social plans, B & I are whipping things in to shape around here. We both felt a little off track after having his first semester of graduate school, plus the holidays, coincide with the first five months of parenthood. Nothing too stressful, just not as put together as we'd like.

We've gotten back to our healthier eating habits - more meal planning and less buying out - he's started working out again, I've joined a gym and started exercising for the first time in a year and a half (um... damn), and we have a new kick ass Dream Board on the side of the fridge. The board contains 3 pictures on top, some general 2010 goals we each have, and our Life Lists (care of Mighty Girl, who has written extensively about having a life list on her blog). It's REALLY great. We are definitely the type of people who have to write things down for them to get accomplished, or be remembered, so I think it will be a great system. Not to mention that it's something I've been meaning to do for years and haven't ever done. Horray for intentions turning into action!

Other than that, life with Charlotte gets more delightful everyday. Sometimes it actually haunts me how much I love her, because with that much love comes with that much fear that something would happen to her. Parenthood really is one of those experiences in life that could never truly be described to someone who hasn't lived it. She's just such a happy and easy going baby. I can't tell you how many millions of times every day she looks at us with her sweet grin that puffs out her big cheeks even more than they already are. I also can't tell you how many millions of squeezes, cuddles, cheek pinches, kisses, and "I love yous" I dole out every day.

So that's us. Baby girl is napping (who wouldn't be tired after waking up EVERY TWO HOURS last night?) so I'm off to finish making baby food and continue the post-holiday clean-up that never really got taken care of. It's a multi-day process. Well... who are we kidding... it's a multi-week process.


billy said...

OMG- your line: "Sometimes it actually haunts me how much I love her, because with that much love comes that much fear that something would happen to her." is so how I feel about Olivia. So yeah, I get it, Olivia is a dog and not a person, but when you can't have kids and wanted one, you tend to put all that focus on her and man I do. I'm forever fretting about her. Last Friday, I got home at 5 and the nanny hadn't returned with her, I immediately went to -- the nanny crashed and Olivia was thrown from the vehicle. No joke, my exact thought. I was about to call 911, but decided to call Joe first, and was calm but he could tell I was freaked and simply said - did you call Steph...So I did and they were on their way. So trust me, I understand. Point is, you explained it perfectly!

Ouiser said...

i need to see a picture of this dream board. i am super intrigued. we don't have life lists, but we do have a list on the fridge of places we want to visit. we've had the list for years, but we've only made it to one of the 20 places listed. i am thinking i'll get to cross one or two off this year, though. i think. maybe. anyway, picture please.

Ms. Madore said...

Yes, I'd love to see a picture of this Dream Board as well! Get it up!

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