Monday, March 8, 2010

Present Cake

We had another birthday last week so there was another cake. B's sister turned 29 so I made her a present cake loosely inspired by that oh-so-famous little blue box. The cake looks pretty home made, but honestly, I don't aspire for perfection on these things, I just strive to have them look pretty and actually get done on time.

I wanted to try my hand at making a fondant bow, and despite the fact that the seemingly simple directions on the internet didn't pan out at all (do they ever?), I was able to get it done with minimal hassles. My random list of things I would do differently next time include: taper the ends of the bows for easier assembly, make the frosting a bit stiffer for better decorating ability, look up a proper recipe for decorator cakes as opposed to the too-moist recipe of regular cakes, use regular Crisco and not butter-flavored Crisco when dying the frosting a light color so everything won't have a yellow tint to it.

Thankfully, nothing critical, just all part of the learning curve. I really do like the way it turned out, it was really pretty and the birthday girl loved it. Her husband jokingly told her to enjoy this version of the "little blue box" because she wouldn't be receiving the real version any time soon :)

An up close of the fondant bow with the glittered tapioca beads on the loops and the fondant gift tag.

Fondant loops drying on parchment paper.

Rolling out the fondant to make the loops. Also pictured is a small container of edible glitter, edible markers, pastry bags, and lots of corn starch all over the counter.


Strongmama said...

Just have to tell you again how impressed I was by this. You did an awesome job on it. I love the color too. B's reaction was, "Oh my God! She actually did that? By herself?!"

Ms. Madore said...

This one is gorgeous...I can't believe you "made" this in your kitchen! Craziness.

DinoDiva said...

LOVE IT!!! You are awesome! Too bad you don't live closer... you could go into business with me.

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