Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick Lunch

It's my general theory that anything can be added over pasta or into eggs to make a quick lunch and to clean out your fridge. You can handle the eggs yourself, but for the pasta, do some variation of this:

Boil any kind of pasta on one burner

While that's cooking, do this on the other burner:

Heat plenty of olive oil
Add garlic. (Every dish needs garlic)
Add chopped anything.  Whatever can grow in a garden can be added. Tomatoes, onions, zucchini, etc.
Saute until soft
Right before you strain the pasta, grab 1/4C of pasta water and add it to your veggies.
Add a dollop of sour cream or a little half and half or a little lemon and some more oil - whatever you want.
Coat pasta
Cover with plenty of fresh grated Parmesan and some salt and pepper



Leslie said...

Yes, absolutely! I would add that potatoes fill that same eggs/pasta role for me.
And I always add lots of salt and pepper. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm!

Katherine said...
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die Frau said...

Never thought of adding sour cream! I agree, pasta/eggs + leftovers works beautifully.

I've begun doing my quickie breakfast: fry up an egg really quickly, remove, and then add a 1/2 tsp olive oil, heat, and throw in a heaping handful of spinach. It only takes about six minutes for everything, and I eat the egg while the spinach is wilting. And yes, Les, everything is covered in (seasoned) salt and pepper.

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