Monday, March 22, 2010

Road Trip: Saratoga Springs

After swim class Saturday morning we took advantage of the unusually nice weather we've been having and went north to Saratoga Springs.  Wanna know what they have all over town?  SPRINGS!  Seriously, who would have thought. Little pavilions with various springs where you can sample the water.  They ranged from so gross and sewer-smelling that it was fun to watch all of the unsuspecting new spring-drinkers take a sip, to icy cold and refreshing.

But before we hit up the springs, we grabbed lunch at The Circus Cafe.  And you wanna know what both the REAL circus and Circus Cafe had?  COTTON CANDY.  To order.  On a plate.  These people were geniuses.  And THAT is why it's important to take road trips.  Little surprises that you could never dream of back home - like cotton candy on a plate!

"Really, guys?  Seriously?"

Headed towards another spring.

Lots of minerals in that water!


Leslie said...

That is one BIG plate of cotton candy. DANG!

Wonderland said...

Great Pics!!!

Paula said...

Looks like a really fun roadtrip!

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