Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby's 1st Easter

I used to think that Easter was a really nice reason to change out of your jeans and get together with your family to have a nice meal.  Now I know that I was wrong.  If the hundreds of Adorable Baby Photos on Facebook this morning are to be believed, Easter is nothing more than an excuse to dress your child up and parade them about.  Not wanting to buck any trends, here are the obligatory baby photos, complete with Ridiculous Item on Her Head to Make Her Look Even More Precious.

To those who don't normally celebrate Easter in New York, I'd like to remind you that the fact that everyone is outside without snowsuits on is a big deal.

And the fact that she's sitting in grass and not a mud puddle has probably never happened in the history of NY Easters.

Nana & Papa supplied the Easter baskets, but little did they know that the pink grass would be the best part.

Totally relaxed about the whole situation of forced cuteness.  Really though, we just wanted to know what she'd look like one day with hair.  And pink is close to red, so it kind of counts.


GIANTS FAN said...

words can't describe how cute you are :):)

Erica said...

Made my day!

Anonymous said...

Oh God, is she gorgeous!!


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