Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mars & Venus at the salon

B and I have been together a while, so it takes me totally off guard when funny little man/woman misunderstandings arise.  I got my hair cut today, but before I left we had this conversation:

Me - Yeah, I think the cut will look really cute.  It would look even better with low lights, but I can't justify spending the money.

B - Why, how much would that be?

Me - Ummmm.... I'm really not sure.  $60 maybe?


Me - What?  Yeah.  That's pretty normal.  That's actually pretty cheap.  I mean, the place I go to here is just a little mom and pop type place, not some fancy salon or anything.

B - I just can't believe you'd walk out of there paying SIXTY DOLLARS.

Me - Wait, are you horrified because you think the whole thing would cost $60?

B - Huh?

Me - Well the haircut is $35.  The highlights or lowlights would be an extra $60 or so on TOP on that.


Me - Hahaha, yes!!  $35 for the haircut - which is exactly what I paid in Ithaca - and $14 for the eyebrows to be dyed* and waxed.  How did you not know this?!!!??  I only get my hair cut every few months anyway.

B - Wow.  I just really didn't know that's what it cost.

Me - Yeah, well you were also giving your mall hair dresser the same $2 tip that she got 15 years ago until I pointed out that maybe she didn't really appreciate the 10% tip.

B - Well I didn't know they got tipped 20% like waitresses did!!!  I thought they all got $2 tips!!

* In case you don't know me in a zoomed-in kind of way, my eyebrows are 100% CLEAR and putting brown eyebrow stuff in them every time I go out is a pain in the ass, so whenever I get my haircut they dye them to match my hair.


feather nester said...

I'd like to point out that your husband actually talks in his Uppercase Voice ALL THE TIME, and you may be underrepresenting this in your posts. Just sayin'. :)

Also, my highlights cost more like $75 and that's literally HALF of what my friends in Brentwood pay.

Anonymous said...

To B: Just from my experience as a male born before 1950 and having been through a few discussions on this subject, its best not to question the cost of this too much . There are some things that are very, very important. Got it?


die Frau said...

T also was shocked at how much my hair highlighting costs...but apparently the results are worth it.

Just because I can use a razor myself and cut his hair at home essentially for free....

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