Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meal Planning

Time to erase the chalkboard in the dining room and rewrite the next batch of meals. Here we go...

* Shrimp skewers and BBQ Chicken on the grill / salad
* Salmon, quinoa, broccoli
* Rice and bean burritos (already made, in freezer), sauteed zucchini
* Soup (in freezer) and grilled cheese
* Shrimp Jambalaya (in slow cooker)
* Chicken Curry (in slow cooker)
* Homemade pizza / salad
* Homemade Mac and Cheese / salad
* Tofu sloppy joes
* Chicken with rice and beans
* Fish and veggies (buy fish that day)
* Calzone w/ homemade sauce (filling in freezer)
* Chicken Parm (already made, in freezer)

1 comment:

Just Another Idealist said...

I'm stealing this idea of making it a public posting. (Note to self: buy whiteboard for dining room of new home). PS-those looking yummy.

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