Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Warriors

We've had two pretty kick ass weekends in a row so I thought I'd share that with you on this rainy Monday morning.  Two weeks ago B's friend turned 30 so his wife surprised him with a VIP suit at a Phillies game.  It was unusually cold that night, so that put a damper on watching the game a little, and I only know Yankee players, but it was still pretty rockin.  I would go to WAY more games - of any kind - if it involved a personal food buffet, tables and chairs, a bar within spitting distance, and a little heated room.

View from the back of the suite

Each suite also comes with an outdoor section of covered seats to watch the game.  You're allowed to enter your suite 2 hrs early to take full advantage of being a VIP and watch batting practice.

Then this weekend, B spent Saturday golfing at the prestigious Saratoga National Golf Course up in Saratoga Springs, thanks to a half-price voucher from a friend.  We spent that night having game night at his sister's house with some friends and the girls got to clean the floor with the boys - twice.  On a side note, if you've never played Pop Cranium, you HAVE to.  I love regular Cranium, but this is an even better version.

Yesterday was a rainy spring day so we headed out to the NYS Museum since we've never been there.  It was really incredible and so much fun.  We both looove museums, so it was the perfect family day.  Not to mention that since it's a state museum, it's free. FREE!

It also has a beautiful carousel so we took the peanut on her first carousel ride.  As you can see from the extremely hesitant look on her face, the faster it went, the more nervous she got.  At one point she kind of just called it off and lunged for B.

Here's the "after" picture when the ride had stopped - much happier baby!

Back in the museum we toured the antique NYC subway car and our future gymnast rocked the handles like a pro.  We had to pry her hands off to get her down.

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Wonderland said...

POP cranium?! Please tell me more!

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