Monday, May 10, 2010

1st Mother's Day

So I've decided that Mother's Day is my new favorite holiday.  And that says a lot because I'm really not one for holidays.  They always seem kind of forced to me, which makes them tinged with awkwardness.  And I can't even tell you why this one was different, but it just was.  It felt so special and happy and all-around lovely.  Not to mention that the whole weekend was like a group hug of various family celebrations, so that added to the happy.

Saturday morning we hosted the First Annual Cousins Brunch at our house.  B's cousin was in town for Mother's Day so we used it as an excuse for a family meal.  Plus, it slyly avoids a nighttime celebration whereby we're lugging around the Pack and Play and secretly stopping at CVS on the way to said event to down two Red Bulls just to make it to the 9pm departure time, only to go home and have the child not sleep through the night because her schedule got messed with.  Thus... brunch.  Brunch is better.

After the Cousins Brunch we waited out the rain and headed over to the Tulip Festival.  Festivals amuse me because every festival, in every town, with every alleged theme, is the same.  Craft vendors, live music, fried dough.  Oh, and public drunkenness.  Can't forget the public drunkenness.  It was great though - a good excuse to be outside.

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with a family brunch in the morning and general lethargy for the rest of the day.  Win-win.  Again, any holiday which fills my house with fresh flowers and a gift certificate for a spa massage is one I can stand behind.

Brunch Menu: 2 varieties of fritatta, turkey sausage, light salad, home made cinnamon rolls, & fresh fruit.

All dressed up for our Sunday brunch. 
I was going for "Classic Southern" with my cardigan and pearls, but B told me I was closer to achieving "Republican First Lady... but in a good way"

I have plenty of other, more normal, pictures of us from Sunday but I LOVE this one.  She's all "I reeeeealllly love you too, Mommy, but when does all the hugging stop??"

There's only so much kissing of her cheeks that you can do before you just have to squeeeeeze 'em!


die Frau said...

LOVE the pic of you and C.

Um...I was actually in Albany this weekend I'M SORRY I DIDN'T THINK OF IT UNTIL I WAS HEADED HOME! The only part of the tulip festival I saw was the traffic, but my sister did have many lovely tulips in the house.

Glad you had a nice day.

GIANTS FAN said...

The whole weekend sounded wonderful, those are the memories you carry forever. I love the pictures, I do need a copy. love ya.

GIANTS FAN said...

I miss the hugs most.

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