Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Logistics of Siblings

I love having a sibling.  Not the least of which is because of conversations like these:

Me: I'm just calling to remind you that Mother's Day is Sunday, so do something for mom.

Brother: Oooooo.  OK.  What are we gonna get her?

Me: Well I got her a XXXXX today. (edited since she hasn't received it yet)

Brother: Wha?  Well that's not a very good joint gift!

Me: Yeah, it wasn't meant to be.  I saw something I thought she'd like and I bought it.

Brother: Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's not how this works! I'm out here, where dad lives, so I took care of his Christmas presents, now it's your turn to take care of the parent on your coast.

Me: So we're doing this by coasts now?  Rockin.  I assume you'll take care of Father's Day then.

Brother: WhaHoHoHoHoooo, I'm just saying that's how we did it BEFORE.  We'll take care of Father's Day when it comes, let's not jump to conclusions.

(side conversation with B)

Me: Oh, and B wants me to tell you that he's a father now so he's expecting something on Father's Day.

Brother: Ohhhhh SHIT! And you're a MOTHER now!  Damnit! This is getting WAY too complicated.

Me: Should I just take care of my own gift too?  Just buy something nice for myself and let you know how much it was?

Brother: Ha! That's a great idea.  You can just take it out of the money you're sending me for dad's Christmas presents. That's classy, right?

Me: Oh, I'll go you one better.  I'm gonna buy myself something worth MORE than what I owe you - maybe some nice jewelry - then I'll just send you an invoice and you can send me a check for the difference.

Brother: Nice.  But really, what am I gonna get mom?


Funnessa said...

I love having brothers - I have similar conversations all the time!

Giovanina said...

If Big A could be wrapped up in one conversation, it would absolutely this one:)

Leslie said...

I now sign my brother's name (on cards and the like) better than he does.

Strongmama said...

This reminds me that I need to call my brother and have the same conversation with him!

Ms. Madore said...

Haha, hysterical dialogue after a hard day of NYS testing here in academia. Thanks!

Courtney said...

The best part is that S totally has his WOOOAHHHH, woah, woah, because this man (jesus i have to call him a man cause we are almost 30 now...)has never just said one 'woah' always. always. multiples.

die Frau said...

LOVE IT. I told a bunch of my students yesterday--thanks for reminding me I need to tell them again tomorrow....

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