Monday, June 21, 2010

2 years today

We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on Saturday night with an amazing tapas dinner at New World Bistro, here in Albany. Ever since we had such creative food on our honeymoon in Turks & Caicos we've become so bored with restaurant food.  We almost never go out for dinner and that's a big part of the reason why.  If you feel like you can make 90% of the food you're offered when you look at a menu, it makes you not even bother.

So you can imagine our elation when we looked at the menu Saturday night and saw not only food we had never heard of, but liquor and drinks we had never heard of.

Our Meal:

My drink: Pisco Sour (it has egg whites in it)
1st Round: Coconut crab cakes (This obviously isn't a new and different food, but I love crab cakes and I've only ever had them done really really well once or twice and this was one of those times)
2nd Round: Mahi Mahi Bloody Mary ceviche (This was the only mediocre dish of the night - the Bloody Mary mix was far too overpowering for the ceviche)
3rd Round: Blackened seaweed salad with scallions, mirin, & ginger;
and Sweet chili fried tofu cubes over watermelon and peanut salad
(OK, this course had us hyperventilating.  Both of these dishes were so crazy and so unique. Black seaweed salad??!!  Watermelons with PEANUTS?!  Whaaaaaa??  They were heavenly.  We've been trying for years to make tofu in a way that we like and we loved this preparation so much that we grilled our waiter for all of the details on exactly how it was made.)
4th Round: By this point we were so full.  We tried to wait 20 min and just drink our drinks and hope that enough room would be freed up in our stomachs to squeeze another dish in, but no such luck.  However, we just couldn't bare to leave the restaurant without trying one more thing that we've never eaten.  So we decided on the:

Wasabi-Tobiko Deviled Egg (Cuh-raaaaaazy!  The yolk was ground with just enough wasabi to give it an interesting flavor, but not make it too spicy.  And the tobiko - which we had no idea what it even was and had to ask our waiter- was both sprinkled on top as well as incorporated with the yolk to give your mouth these mini explosions.  Explosions!  Like the wee tiniest little fire crackers you can imagine.  Genius.)


Ouiser said...

one: i cannot believe you guys have already been married for two years!

two: i love your haircut.

three: i can't believe that you have subjected me to the thought of deviled eggs this early in the morning. ick. i think i am the only native southerner who doesn't think that deviled eggs are akin to ambrosia. nonetheless, it should be noted that i do own two deviled egg platters.

i'm glad you guys had a great time. hugs to you both!!

Strongmama said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the haircut!

DinoDiva said...

I agree! The haircut is so totally hot mama! Really it was 2 years ago? Where has the time gone? So glad that you 3 are having a perfect happy life because you all deserve it.
Please bring your hot new haircut to Denver sometime....I miss you!

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