Sunday, August 15, 2010

1st Birthday Party

Our beautiful little lady celebrated her first birthday in style this weekend.  And despite the high winds that canceled half the decorations, the rain was kind enough to stop half way through the party.  It was a lovely afternoon with family...

Charlotte would like to thank her Aunt Sara for the tutu, her mommy for the onesie, and her sweet patch of mohawk hair for finally not being too bald for a barrette.

It WOULD have been the perfect picture if the world's nosiest child weren't so interested in what her cousin was doing.

All kinds of fun was had with the photo spot. 
This is a 3 Sisters picture.

Painting pots and planting herbs.
Month-by-month photo display in the foreground.

Accessories are officially in the female DNA... I haven't carried a purse in a year (too much other crap to carry) and yet she opened the box, took out her purse, immediately slung it over her elbow, stood up, and tried to walk away.

Don't bother me.  I'm on my way to ask daddy for his credit card and the car keys.

Here's to making it through the first year of new parenthood.  
It's as much an accomplishment for us as it is for the birthday girl.  Cheers!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations parents of the one year old! Love to All from Grampa

die Frau said...

I think you have to frame the one just before she eats the cupcake. The puss on her face is priceless.

1 already!!!!

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