Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Potty humor

I'm lacking in things to write about this week because I'm mostly spending the week cleaning up, doing insane amounts of laundry, and generally getting us ready to go to the Cape again on Saturday.  Yes, we're going again, but this time with the other side of the family.  The great part is that we have totally different things on our agenda than the last trip, which is perfect for a first-timer like myself.  From virgin to professional in one summer... so to speak.  I'll do a big wrap up of both trips when we get back.  In the meantime I'll leave you with a little trivia that is so bizarre it trumps how disgusting it is...

When I was in college it was required that all freshman take a writing course.  At the time I didn't really know I had a love of writing and I was blessed with an amazing professor who made me realize that it was something I had a talent for. (Uh... despite ending that last sentence with a preposition).  Oddly enough, that professor was the first lesbian I had ever met.  As recently as 1995 seems, it was a different time in terms of homosexuality and it was uncommon to be out and proud in college.  Thankfully that's changing, but I nearly shit myself when she announced that she was gay. So funny to think about that now...

Anyway, I went on to take other writing courses and women's studies courses from her throughout my four years at Ithaca and although I have no idea why it was relevant - it probably wasn't - she told us a story one day in class that to this day I like to pass on to people.  I'm not one for potty humor, but this is more like potty trivia. Potty trivia is way classier.

My professor was the oldest of nine children and you can only imagine the general antics that will ensue in a house with that many people (Duggars notwithstanding).  And apparently one of the many things that ensued was the Easter that her brothers took plastic Easter eggs, farted into them, froze them, and learned that you can FREEZE A FART.

Yup.  I'll wait while you absorb that.

APPARENTLY you can freeze a fart... into a solid... in a plastic Easter egg.

How fucking bizarre is that?!!?  And now you have the best ever cocktail party anecdote.  I guarantee that will impress people way more than whatever other banal facts are being thrown around.

You're welcome.


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Just Another Idealist said...

I'm leaving the freezing farts thing alone, except to say that is does make sense scientifically.
Where on the Cape are you guys staying? I've been there a bunch, more as a kid than as an adult. It is a very excellent family vacation spot, and the first place I ever tasted Ben & Jerry's ice cream--back before you could get it in the store. As a fellow candy lover, I must make one suggestion. There's a store right off the Orleans rotary (I think it's called Cape Tradewinds) that has a candy store attached to a shop full of kitsch. The candy store has fudge and taffy and well, lots of other candies, and most importantly, it smells like childhood. Heading off the rotary it is the very first right as you head toward 6A. AWESOME. Just sayin.

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