Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life List #39: Go to a drive-in

We celebrated the unofficial end of summer last weekend by going to my first drive-in movie.  I've been watching the movie schedule all summer, but apparently the types of movies that come to drive-ins are not even remotely the ones that I can summon an interest in seeing.  And every time I found one I could deal with, the reviews were horrendous and killed my buzz.

But this week I got an email from the drive-in saying that they were going to weekends only, so I knew we only had a few weeks left. Luckily - in addition to The Last Exorcist, Piranha, & Machete (Hollywood, what is the MATTER with you??) - they were playing the well-reviewed The Other Guys. Thank you, Will Ferrell, for saving me from having to watch toned co-eds getting eaten by toothy fish.

As it turns out, my first drive-in experience was awesome.  I brought the better part of our living room, as well as about a hundred blankets, for maximum back-of-the-SUV comfort, the late summer weather was perfectly crisp with a gentle breeze and no bugs, and Mark Wahlburg was surprisingly good at cop humor.

We'll definitely do this again next summer, only maybe with slightly less of the concession stand food that required us to go home and split a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

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