Sunday, November 21, 2010

Be right back

It seems as though some roots made their way into the main drainage system in our house and we have to jump ship for a few days and live elsewhere.  In the meantime here are two, totally unrepresentative, pictures of our weekend.

Friday night we all got together to celebrate B's Grandma's birthday, which was a blast.  Of course, the only pictures I actually have from that night are of my daughter in a chair. Riveting.

Saturday night we braved the icy cold wind and went to the world's longest town parade.  It was actually a lot of fun despite the ungodly length of the thing.  We sat bundled up in the street while Charlotte got to see homemade Disney costumes, local cheerleaders, and hundreds of firemen.  As always, she was a total champ despite the long night and the cold weather.  Thanks for always rockin so hard, Little One, please remember this disposition in about 13 years.


1 comment:

feather nester said...

That's how you know it's a fun party...when you have too much fun to remember to take pictures!

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