Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've decided to start doing laundry on a CIA-inspired Need to Have basis.  This separating by colors and fabrics shit is for the birds. 

Need to Have items include but are not limited to:
B's undershirts
The one of two zip-up hoodies I own
The reusable Bona mop sponge

Maybe this will prevent these conversations in the mornings:

B - Are there any clean underwear or undershirts anywhere?!
Me - Ummmm, no. But the blankets on the couch are clean! And the cloth diapers are clean! And the kitchen towels are clean! And our sheets are clean!
B - But I NEED underwear and undershirts!
Me - OK, hold on.  There's got to be one clean pair hiding somewhere....


Wonderland said...

I always do laundry based on "what I need first", not colors or topics or anything responsible. Last weekend I did an entire load of socks and underwear and nothing else. I'm a lazy housewife...

die Frau said...

We do sort ours, but it mainly does consist of T's shirts, a lot of underwear, and numerous pairs of socks.

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