Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's so wrong, I know

So, apparently, one of the funniest things a wife can say to the father of a daughter is anything suggesting that his daughter MAY be a grown woman one day who MAY know some boys. I try not to pull out the comments too often, lest they lose their efficacy, but sometimes I really can't help myself, and the horrified sound that escapes from B's mouth makes it all worth it.

One of the most adorable things that Charlotte does (in the eyes of her wildly easy-to-please parents) is to give kisses and hugs most of the time you ask. But if anyone in the room asks for a kiss, she has to give everyone a kiss. So last night it was a little before bedtime and she and B were playing on the floor.

B - Charlotte, give daddy a kiss.

Charlotte - (pukers up) mmmmmmmm
(then looks over at me on the couch and walks over all puckered up and gives me a kiss)

B - Charlotte, give daddy a hug.

Charlotte - (tightly squeezes B's neck and then looks at me with her arms outstretched)

(comes and gives me a hug)

B - (laughing) It's so funny how if she does something to one person in the room, she has to do that same thing to everyone in the room!

Me - That's gonna be a real problem in about 18 years.

B - BABY!!


DinoDiva said...

We have similiar conversations weekly in our house. Our latest was something along the lines of Z saying "Well at least she is still afraid of men. Hopefully that will last about 20 years." And me saying "She can still make out with girls."

GIANTS FAN said...

your dad use to tell me he was going to build a tower and put you in it until you were 30, haaaaa. it's a dad thing. :)

Leslie said...

Ha! You are wonderfully evil :)

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