Monday, December 6, 2010

Parenting Fail

When Charlotte woke up yesterday morning, we were stunned at how long she was playing quietly in her crib. It's not like her to do that, usually she just wants to get up and out. But we had a Christmas tree to buy and groceries to shop for, so we went up and got her out of her crib and found that she had reached through the bars of the crib to access a diaper bag and had emptied the contents into the crib.

We also noticed she had two little marks of pen on her face.  Ugh! Morons! We keep forgetting about the newfound wingspan the toddling child has.  But then we searched the bag and her crib and couldn't find the pen.

So we buy the tree and the groceries and by this time the poor child is exhausted.  We come home with the half-asleep baby in our arms, search the crib again for the missing pen, and put her down.

She is apparently a better detective than we are, as this is what we found when we got her an hour later:

Exhibit A


 "Mommy, I'm sooooorrrrryyyyy...."

"haHA!!! NO I'M NOT!!!!! I. AM. VICTORIOUS!"

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die Frau said...

Go the site Sh*t my Kids Ruined. You'll appreciate it SO MUCH.

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