Friday, December 31, 2010

Post-Holiday Sales

I was over on Babble yesterday and saw that the advent calendar I was coveting was on deep discount. Even at $60 instead of $90 I'm not buying it because they're just too simple of a craft to make, but I did feel inspired to poke around and see what other items I could scoop up. I was able to find a few presents for various birthdays next year as well as lots of other fun stuff that I didn't buy but you might want to.


Ornament Coasters - $10 (Orig. $19)

 Fingerpainting Art Set - $7 (Orig. $14)
This would be the cutest stocking stuffer ever! Great for portable entertainment.

 Gingerbread House Kit - $8 (Orig. $20)
I have every intention of buying a discount kit this year to save for next year. It's not like the houses get eaten anyway, and I'm certainly not making that stuff from scratch for a 2 year old.

 Go Anywhere MP3 Speakers - $14 (Orig. $30)
Another great stocking stuffer

Holiday Pancake Molds - $15 (Orig. $20)
These were too great for me to pass up and I actually bought them. I have a great buckwheat pancake recipe, and making holiday pancakes will certainly be on next year's list of December activities.

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Strongmama said...

too funny! I was just at WS today and picked up this apron for said $6, as well as the gingerbread house for $4. The pancake molds have been marked down to $9 but we got them last year from Santa. They are super fun and J loves them. Make sure you spray them well first and get them hot before using. Was thinking about the fingerprint kit, but passed on it for now. Great minds!

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