Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Pictures

We had three Christmas celebrations this year - first with just the three of us Christmas morning, then with B's parents Christmas afternoon, and then with my mom and brother the next day. I actually didn't take a ton of pictures, but here's a few...

 This was the 20 min that Christmas morning was put on pause because the first gift she happened to open was the colored pencils from Feathernester and we couldn't get her to be interested in anything else...

 ...until she opened the paint brushes we got her, used them as hair brushes, and then literally wouldn't let go of them the rest of the day. 

 Still holding the paint brushes, but apparently she's an excellent multi-tasker because she can snuggle while still holding her gift.

 I'm getting super booooored while you set up the self timer.....

(Paint brushes still firmly in hand)

 Two celebrations in one day is tiring, I'm just gonna lay down for a sec.

 Her new pink car from Nana & Papa! She's totally in love.

 Her first remote control car actually wasn't from her uncle, although that would have been perfect, but they did have fun playing together.

She developed a weird obsession with hand washing while we were up north visiting my family.


1 comment:

feather nester said...

Hey! I recognize that tee and cardi combo! Does this mean I can throw out the gift receipt? ;)

Love the pics. Hope to hear more about it soon. We're getting healthier over here and should be ready to rejoin the world soon.

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