Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gender Differences

Conversation with my brother while walking through a mall at Christmastime:

Bro - Man, you know what trend I really love? Those stretchy pant things. It's like girls are just walking around in yoga pants all the time now. 

Me - Oh, you mean leggings? Yeah, they super comfy. Although I think there's some serious confusion as to how they should be worn, they're not pants.

Bro - What do you mean?

Me - Well they're not pants, they're leggings.

Bro - Huh?

Me - Well haven't you noticed that some girls wear them with just shirts that go to their waists?

Bro - Uhhhh (speaking slowly and with a careful tone of voice so as not to be yelled at) I believe you were wearing them yesterday, how is that any different?

Me - Because I was wearing them with a sweater that went BELOW MY ASS!

Bro - So?

Me - Well they're not PANTS! You can't just put on LEGGINGS and substitute them for pants.

Bro - I really don't see the problem.

Me - They're thin, way thinner than yoga pants. Like, if you bend your knee while you're wearing leggings you can see your knee. So every time those girls bend over you can SEE THEIR ASS.

Bro - Hmmm.... yeah I'm still not seeing where the problem is.

Me - ARGH!

Bro - Look at that girl! She's wearing them with a short shirt and she looks fine.

Me - Those aren't leggings, those are tight black jeans, she's got a hot pink wallet sticking out of the back of the pocket.

Bro - Are you sure??

Me - Yeah, those are tight jeans, not leggings.

Bro - OK... I still don't really see why it's a problem.



feather nester said...

This is so great. LOLing and loving you both so much right now. :)

Kreuzer said...

I bet if you told him about "Jeggings" his mind would be blown.

Better let Conan do it:

Wonderland said...

Hahhahahah!!! Awesome.

die Frau said...

Fantastic. Now if only the female students at my school could figure that out...

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