Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crafty kid

Well I'm happy to report that my stint as a party photographer last weekend was not only fun, but successful as well. The blog got several hundred hits and I sold a full set of digital prints so far. It was a lovely project to have this week and I hope to have many more creative ventures soon.

On to Valentine's Day. Timely post, yes? I couldn't share our Valentine's Day craft that we did until now because not everyone had opened them.

I find Valentine's Day to be weirdly charged with emotion. I've always felt really neutral about the holiday and I think I've literally never gone out to dinner to celebrate it. The whole thing just feels a little irrelevant to me. But people go crazy about it! Either they're ranting about it being an invented holiday and a greeting card conspiracy, or they're horribly depressed about their single status.

But this is the lovely thing about having a wee one about. You can just turn it into an excuse to be creative. Problem solved. I think this is pretty much the same way we'll approach Easter.

This is the front of the card. I took one of her paintings and cut hearts out of it and glued them to a blank card.

While she was painting I made sure to take a picture for the card. I also had her paint some watercolors on the inside for extra color.

And that's it! Best of all, it provided her with a good 15 minutes of entertainment, which, sadly, is a lot for this active little one.

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