Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Georgia check-in

I have no cell phone pictures for you - because I forgot to take ANY - and I have no camera photos for you yet - because I forgot the cable. So just a quick southern update for now and all kinds of photos and stories next week.

First of all, Savannah is AMAZING. Seriously. If your heart longs for Paris and beauty and architecture and adventure, as mine does, go to Savannah during the off season and it will feel like a very close second.

Foods I've had for the first time - Sweet tea, pecan pie, creamed corn, cornbread stuffing, sherry.

New Southern phrases I've learned (I think they need to be screamed and only said by women) - "Shut. The. Front. Door!!!!" and "Shut. Your. Mouth!!"

Tomorrow we're headed to the world's largest aquarium, and then it's home on Friday morning to squeeze.the.crap. out of Charlotte's face.


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