Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bag Lady

If you live in certain parts of New York then you got a fair amount of snow last weekend, and if you live in Plattsburgh, NY then your ass got handed to you. While western NY was getting a few inches, and Albany was get a whole bunch of ice, Plattsburgh was getting the kind of snow that reaches your door handle.

My mom lives in Plattsburgh when she's not working as a traveling nurse and works in labor and delivery. On the day of the storm she got called in to work. With the roads impassable she was left with the option of walking to work. Luckily she only lives about a half mile from her hospital, so it wasn't a huge issue... until she couldn't find her snow pants.

But with the snow knee-high, and her patients waiting, there weren't a whole lot of options. So she took two garbage bags, wrapped one around each leg, tied the yellow ties at the top, and trudged in to work.

She gets to the hospital, changes into her scrubs, starts her shift, is in a room doing the admittance paperwork for a woman in labor and....

Husband to Wife: Honey, you can't imagine how bad it is outside. I mean, it's SO bad that people are just doing whatever they need to. Like, they don't even care what they look like! I was just outside and saw this woman wearing BAGS on her LEGS!

My mom: Uh, yeah, that was me.



Ms. Madore said...

Oh my god! That's hysterical cuz it doesn't surprise me that she'd do that--but to get spoken about while overhearing your patients is priceless!:) A much-needed laugh for me these days!

Wonderland said...

Your mom is AMAZING.

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