Friday, March 4, 2011

The Real Easter Bunny

 Memo to Egg Distributors: It's been an unusually cold and snowy winter this year, so I'm going to need the double bound eggs with the extra padding.

Uh, is this a good action shot? I really hate these magazine profiles.

 Uh! Damn dry ears during winter!

How about this? Is this a better shot? I know how much people like their Smiling Bunny shots.

 Hahahaha! I love a good dirty bunny joke.

Yeah, I'm on my way home. Is there scotch? Between the egg distributors, the reporter, and shredding all that grass for baskets, I had a beast of a day.


GIANTS FAN said...

I can't believe she left the ears on so long, great shots.

Strongmama said...

Is she really having a day? because that kid looks pretty content and happy to me!

die Frau said...

Very nice! In that last pic, she kind of looks like she's trying to blow someone off to get off the phone. Classic.

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