Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visit to OR and WA

Blog Post - Take 2. I started this yesterday and was literally too tired to finish. But thanks to some slightly inappropriate Benedryl usage, the child fell asleep before 2am last night so I'm at least functioning at 75% today. Stupid time zones.

We had a wonderful trip to see the family despite all the rain. We divided our time between Charlotte's Grandpa and Didi up in Washington, and her Uncle Mark and his girlfriend down in Portland. We spent most of our Oregon time out on the coast, so I don't have many sightseeing pics for you, just a few family ones.

 Dancing cheek to cheek with Grandpa

 Loving every minute of her garden time

We weren't smart enough to introduce her to the piano until our last day with Grandpa and Didi, but she sat there forever, so we'll know better next time.

 Low tide out on the Oregon coast
(Nothing in my New England brain makes it normal to see a coast bordered by coniferous trees!)

Playing in the tide pools

 Only moments before the violent rain storm hit and we trudged the half mile through the sand back to the car - soaked and numb

 Riding the Portland tram on our last day

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