Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Reading Group

Good Friday AND Earth Day. Christians and Pagans unite! I feel like that has to be a good sign, a day when everyone can find a reason to celebrate.

Tonight we have last weekend's rescheduled Mexican dinner with friends, Sunday is quite obviously Easter, and we're still hoping that somewhere in the middle we'll get that new cousin we're all anxiously waiting for! I'm making a cute favor for Easter dinner, so if it turns out the way I'm hoping I'll show you that on Monday.

In the meantime, enjoy your links and enjoy your weekend!

  • As you probably know, the world's decreasing water supply and increasing population is starting to become a huge problem. And while it may not be on the radar of the average American, it's very much on the radar of the scientists and the green energy folks. Listen to this interview on Fresh Air and hear how many easy and great strides Las Vegas is taking to help out the problem.
  • When it comes to movies I'm exceedingly picky. I don't want to learn or be scared or be depressed. I just want to have fun. But the huge sinkhole I fall into is that I want to have smart, witty fun, not dumb shit romantic comedy fun, or jokes that appeal to 13 year old boys fun. The last movie I really loved was The Hangover, and that came out two years ago. So when I saw this trailer (and the accompanying good reviews) for Bridesmaids, I kind of freaked out. It looks smart and fun and has an unbelievably talented cast. 
  • From an ugly sweater tank top (what??) to an adorable bag in about 30 minutes. Genius.
  • B and I are obsessed with this theme song! It's so bouncy and happy and we sing along every Thursday night.
  • An interesting take on the accusations that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook. Basically the author says that it doesn't matter because it's what he did with it that counts.

Friday Reading Group is a weekly series where I help you procrastinate by offering various links around the web. Help support the cause - email any good articles, pictures, or videos you find to sanders492[at]yahoo[dot]com with Friday Reading Group in the subject line.

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