Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Reading Group

Hi, all! I feel like it's been so long since I've just... written. It's not you, it's me. Actually, it's not even me, it's the weather. After being imprisoned all winter (and rainy spring) with an active toddler and bad weather, we're taking advantage of the warm, happy days with a vigor that can hardly be described.

The other day we did outdoor painting at 8:30, bath at 9:30, walk to the library at 10, story time at 10:30, walk home, Skype with my dad, lunch, nap, play date at 3, dinner, laundry, bed. Needless to say I kind of collapsed around 7p. But all this sunny activity has meant a happy happy toddler who takes long naps and doesn't misbehave out of boredom.

I have a few other columns, in addition to Friday Reading Group, that I'm working on for the summer months for you. This way even when I'm frolicking about with the wee one, you will not be ignored. I shall not have you be ignored!

Giovanina is going to be doing a music feature here where she gives you some new songs to listen to and consider every week, and I'm going to break out the scanner and share some of the things I've been saving for a while. Some are inspirational (design pages ripped out of magazines), some might be less so (prom photo?).

In the meantime, let's get reading.

  •  I never write about what it's like to be a parent because I'm fantastically non-eloquent about it. See?! Is "non-eloquent" even a word? I'm pretty sure it's not. I don't know how to write about or capture the emotion of what it feels like to love someone that intensely. Thankfully, there are better writers out there than me. I? Oh my god, I told you. Thank you, Rebecca for describing everything I am incapable of.
  • You know about sugar, right? About how it's just toxic shit in terms of what it does to your insides? I'm currently 3 days off all sugar right now (holla!!), which is huge, because I'm one of those people who basically has dessert after every meal. If you have some time, because the article is massive, read all about it over here.
  •  Facebook's News Feed is not comprehensive or random. Learn more about the algorithm here. (Disclaimer: the article is actually from last fall, so things could certainly have changed since then)

Friday Reading Group is a weekly series where I help you procrastinate by offering various links from around the web. Help support the cause - email any good articles, pictures, or videos you find to sanders492[at]yahoo[dot]com with Friday Reading Group in the subject line.


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