Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homemade Watercolor Paints

Last year Feather Nester bought Charlotte a bunch of art supplies for Christmas, one of them was watercolors. We used them for a while until they were getting worn down and run together and then we turned them into a bathtub activity instead.

We finally burned through all of the paint, but luckily Martha Stewart knows how to make more! And since we only use them as a bathtub activity now, it was a stress-free experience on getting them to turn out right. It was a great activity for her to help with, only four ingredients and very simple to make.

Our color palate ended up a little monochromatic thanks to a lack of red food coloring and SOMEONE grabbing the yellow food coloring and adding half the bottle to the blue paint, thus making more green. But again, the bathtub won't care so neither do I.

Highly recommended for you to try at home!


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